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.NET Development Training


ASP.NET is among the most popular web development languages that lets developers build web applications with a programming model. It is a part of the Microsoft .NET platform and the demand for it is on an all time high in the current scenario. The IT sector is in need of people who are skilful in coding web applications through ASP.NET. If you are at the beginning of your career, it is definitely a great choice to be an ASP.NET expert.

SecRoot provides the best and the most advanced .NET training in Mumbai. With knowledgeable experts in .NET, you can expect them to guide you with the basics as well as advanced level of the programming language. As we all know, .NET is used to develop the most robust web applications and the most complex websites, it is a powerful skill to have. Other .NET training institutes in Mumbai make promises that they don't have the ability to fulfil but we are above them all as we let our actions speak for us. With hands on training and actual projects to work on, we use the best methodologies that let our students learn .NET in the shortest time period possible.

Most of the coding that one needs to do in ASP.NET is a set of reusable components and objects present in the .NET framework. Thus, to become a master of this web language, thorough practice and hands on sessions are needed. This is exactly what SecRoot makes you do until you are fully capable of developing web applications that you are proud of. We believe in a set of methods of teaching that are tested to be highly effective for most of the students. All this makes SecRoot the premier and the best .NET training classes in Mumbai.

Course Outline

Each of the below module contains sub-topics, for complete details contact us.
1. Introduction to C#
2. Introduction to ADO.NET and Basic SQL
3. Introduction to ASP.NET Web Forms
4. Introduction to ASP.NET MVC
5. Introduction To Entity Framework
6. Introduction to WCF -