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Mobile Application Security Testing


Mobile apps are the trendiest thing to have happened in the technological space and if you are a company whose products directly interact with customers, you might have an app. A mobile application, just like any other piece of technology can be hacked if there are security loopholes in it. To prevent such vulnerabilities and loopholes, you need a team of highly qualified security professionals who understand everything about mobile application security. At SecRoot, our team exactly meets these requirements and ensures that your application is fully secure under all circumstances. We are the best mobile application security testing service in Mumbai, our growing number of clientele speaks for the quality of work we do.


What are the solutions provided under Mobile Application Security Testing?

Our extensive and well researched mobile application security testing service consists of all the right essentials which your business would need to safeguard your mobile app. The smartphones or tablets your employees use might contain hordes of information relating to your company. Instead of targeting your company's database or servers, hackers might find it convenient to simply hack your company's internal mobile app to get all the needed data. Even if your company has a consumer app which uses a lot of private information, hackers might be highly interested in them and being a responsible developer, you must make it secure.

In case of your employees, we provide complete encryption of the end user device which makes it virtually impossible for a hacker to get into the application. We also provide features such as remote device wiping which can be helpful in case an employee's device gets lost. SecRoot secures your mobile application with state of the art advanced and well updated anti-virus software for mobile which will protect the device against all kinds of malware.

For your users, we would ensure that the application is immune to all kinds of security attacks which are commonly done by hackers to get inside an application. We are also prolific in carrying out vulnerability assessment and penetration testing which can identify possible threats in your mobile application.

How can SecRoot help your business?

If we consider mobile application security testing, there are many kinds of services offered by SecRoot which are enough to completely secure your application. Almost all of the big organizations provide mobile handsets to their employees which are configured by the company. However, these might not comply with the high standard security policies set by the firm. We will assess it along with making precise observations about the overall security of your mobile application. We all know how responsible the source code is for securing the application, it is the root level at which a problem can exist. With proper assessment and review of the source code, SecRoot will provide a thorough report of the mobile application security test. If you seek to know more about this advanced security test, give us a call at +91-7738269262 or send a mail to