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Penetration Testing Training


In the field of security, one can describe penetration testing in numerous ways. However, the most effective way through which penetration testing is done usually involves a skilled hacker or a group of hackers. The Advanced Penetration Test training that SecRoot provides is a program that is more of a hands on experience than a theoretical course. You actually try out in the real world what you learn and this is what makes SecRoot the best Advanced Penetration training institute in Mumbai.

We are focused on giving people the power to conduct vulnerability assessments and penetration tests so that they can prevent malicious attacks from hackers. With the growing number of security concerns and the rising security vulnerabilities that businesses face, this skill has highly gained importance. All you need is the perfect VAPT training to get you off the ground and get started. If you are looking for VAPT training in Mumbai, there is no other place than SecRoot where you can avail the most advanced level of security and penetration test training.

The security of a system can only be assessed when a real world hacker tries to hack it. This is what we teach our students to do and a lot of practice makes them perfect in the job. New threats keep coming on a frequent basis and we are proud to claim that we are always up to date with the latest discovered vulnerabilities and equip our students with the power to tackle them in the most professional way.

Our faculty consists of top notch security analysts and ethical hackers who know exactly how to conduct a penetration testing. Learning from them would surely give a boost to your IT career and ensure that you become an expert in this field. Being the best VAPT training institute in Mumbai, we assure you of providing you with a training that will fill you with knowledge and make you skillful enough to have a prosperous career ahead.

Course Outline

Each of the below module contains sub-topics, for complete details contact us.
1. Introduction to Penetration Testing
2. Network Basics
3. Linux Basics
4. Information Gathering Techniques
5. Target Enumeration and Port Scanning Techniques
6. Vulnerability Assessment
7. Network Sniffing
8. Remote Exploitation
9. Client Side Exploitation
10. Post-Exploitation
11. Windows Exploit Development Basics
12. Wireless Testing
13. Web Applications Testing