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Spear Phishing


Internet is prone to various deceptive techniques to fool the users into clicking malicious links or downloading files which can harm their system. It is quite widespread and affects almost all the users of internet. It has also been estimated that a staggering 91% of all hacking attempts begin with phishing as it is quite easy to fool common users through it. In the recent times, spear phishing email campaigns have become more targeted and it is witnessing higher conversion rates. General users have difficulty in recognizing authentic emails or messages from the fake ones. This is the prime reason why spear phishing attacks are becoming successful.


Why you should choose SecRoot for Spear Phishing services?

If you are a business owner, it is high time that you start educating your employees to identify spear phishing messages. There is a set pattern which is followed by most hacker groups and once you get to know it, the process of preventing such campaigns from harming your company drastically reduces. SecRoot is well equipped with the right technologies and professionals to provide you with solutions that lead to spear phishing prevention. We excel in providing you with the best spear phishing protection measures so that you can safeguard your business from such malicious attacks.

Major difference between Phishing and Spear Phishing?

The major difference between phishing and spear phishing attacks is that the former claims to belong from a well known company where as the latter is portrayed as coming from an individual at a level of authority. However, both will impact your company or employees in the same manner. Even the techniques which SecRoot would implement will be similar for both as they belong to a particular family of hacking attempts.

SecRoot, which is one of the best security agencies in Mumbai offers top notch services for a wide range of purposes. We will train your employees or professionals with the best in class information security awareness lessons which will help in avoiding all kinds of spear phishing attacks.