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Annual Website Security Management


In the fast paced technology world, businesses seldom take a break and look after their company's security. This is one of the biggest mistakes they make which can lead to a company wide data breach or other security complications. Not many firms know that they can outsource the complete security aspect of the business to another firm which is proficient in security and has a team of professionals who will constantly look after the company's security. In technical terms, the complete package is known as the Annual Website Security Management service. If you are looking for a capable and well established security firm to handle all of this for your business, SecRoot can be a great choice.

Why SecRoot is your best choice for this service?

We offer a plethora of security services in Mumbai but no matter where your company is based out of, we have a team which can cater to companies big and small. Unless there are frequent security audits for your firm, you can't be assured of full safety. This is the reason we offer a well planned security audit report at regular intervals so that you don't have to worry about anything else than your work. In case there is a threat, our team immediately works upon fixing it without any delays to ensure no data or files are lost.

What services are included in Annual Website Security Managment?

Once you are covered under our Annual Website Security Management service, you can avail a lot of different services underneath it. Our professional team of security experts will constantly keep reviewing your business's information technology security to keep it safeguarded. If specifics are to be considered, below are all the offerings you will get with the service:

  • Training of employees to educate and empower them to be more secure in their daily activities.

  • Monitor all your servers and IPs for possible malwares which can harm your network security.

  • In depth application security review of your web and mobile applications to detect and remove any kind of existing vulnerabilities.

  • Every year, we will conduct a thorough check for your servers and let you know if any changes must be made. Alternatively, we will also have a look at your web based applications for the same reason.

  • SecRoot is one of the best Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing services in Mumbai and we will provide both of these under our Annual Website Security Management service.

The reports we generate are customized and developed particularly for your business which lets you have a look at the overall security status of your firm at a glance. The details are mentioned in reader friendly manner and all aspects are covered in depth which is needed for a fully secure environment. We also provide multiple revisions and solutions to a same problem so that you can choose the best one according to your preference. All of this and much more are included in the service, to know more, please feel free to contact +91-7738269262 a drop a mail to