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Web Application Penetration Testing


The number of web applications is growing at a phenomenal rate and so is the concerns over their security. Hackers are getting more smart and ruthless in gaining data they want through vulnerabilities that exist in your web application. Thus, it is important for you to have a team of experts conduct a web application security testing on a frequent basis. SecRoot is a security services provider that offers the best web application security testing services in Mumbai.

We conduct the tests for even the most complex web applications and fix the vulnerabilities that exist to ensure no undue advantage is being taken by someone who is hacking your system with a malicious or criminal intent. For the same purpose, we also provide VAPT services in Mumbai for which we are well known for. When it comes to security, we are in the forefront of the other such service providers. Our methodologies align with the industry standards and we make sure to leave no stone unturned in the quest to find vulnerabilities in your web applications.

Usually businesses have little to no knowledge of the security that their web apps has. Most of them hire people to develop their websites and run it with just the little customizations they need. This can turn out to be a nightmare for those businesses who have data that can be compromised. Some mastermind hacker would definitely try and breach the loopholes to get what he wants. To prevent such people with harmful intent, SecRoot does a thorough check of all the security hazards that a web app might have. It also provides its VAPT services in India to ensure that no company has to suffer from a hacker's malicious nature.

Many businesses depend upon sensitive data that are highly confidential and there is no way that they can let it compromise over anything else. We have a team of highly qualified experts who know the in and out of security. They have an outstanding experience of finding vulnerabilities and are up to date with the latest security trends in the IT sector. You wouldn't find better VAPT companies in Mumbai that perform tests with the use of effective methodologies and make sure your business is safe.

Along with searching for the most common security flaws, we also find and fix vulnerabilities that usually don't show up easily. Prevention is always better than cure and to be on a safer side with your confidential information, let us handle the security of your web applications.


Key Benefits

  • Our penetration tests are based on Industry Security Standards and Best Practices such as OWASP.

  • We are specialize in manual web application penetration testing.

  • We leverage state of the art commercial, open source & proprietary tools.

  • We provide a one stops comprehensive web application penetration services and leverage on a teams of experience information security consultant to meet tight schedules and budgets.

  • We adopt a safe approach to evaluate the security of your web applications to understand hacker mentality without disruption to your business operation.


Our Methodology

  • Pre-engagement Interactions

  • Intelligence Gathering

  • Threat Modeling

  • Vulnerability Analysis

  • Exploitation

  • Post Exploitation

  • Reporting