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Wireless Auditing


The advent of wireless networks has also given its security threats a huge boost. Since all of it is completely wireless, the chances of a hacker exploiting the network increases. Most of the wireless networks which we currently use lack the use of strong and secure native protocols. Moreover, even the encryption design is so flawed that an amateur hacker can get his way through the machine with a few simple techniques. To combat these and keep your wireless networks secure, SecRoot offers a customized service known as wireless auditing. This service is specifically aimed at corporations that have a huge pool of wireless networks which are configured poorly. Every wireless network connection is at a risk of being compromised if you haven't secured it. With top notch wireless auditing services from SecRoot, this wouldn't be a worry for you.


Major benefits of Wireless auditing

Security must definitely be one of the major concerns of all companies no matter what their size is. No one wants to expose their confidential information to some hacker who would then use it for malicious intent. There are multiple benefits of conducting a wireless audit from a reputed security firm in Mumbai like SecRoot. At times, the way your WLAN is configured can be full of loopholes and it can lead a hacker into your network. A wireless audit can help identify such poor configurations. The audit would also help you in having a better level of control over your complete wireless network. This extensive reporting and auditing would definitely increase the productivity of your employees since they won't have to worry about the wireless network. SecRoot will take care of all the aspects relating to it, through the highly efficient wireless network audit.

How SecRoot will conduct Wireless auditing?

SecRoot takes a very professional approach to carry out the wireless auditing for each company. With the help of an excellent team we have, we conduct a thorough auditing process and apply the best in class techniques to identify even the most harmful vulnerabilities that exist in your wireless networks.

  • At first, we would begin by identifying all the networks that your company is connected to. This will let us know the total number of networks we need to work upon. The number of SSIDs will give us an idea of all the networks that are used by the company.

  • Each network is secured by a particular algorithm which might be either WEP, WPA, WPA2 LEAP or any other. We will use different methods to crack these algorithms and know whether they are susceptible to any kind of attacks. Even after this, we will carry out various attacks to know the level of security your wireless networks have.

  • After attacking the network with various methods, we will gain access over it through penetration. Finally, we will form a complete report of the vulnerabilities and loopholes which exist in your wireless network. Alternatively, we will also offer you with definitive guidelines to secure your network so that no hacker will be able to get through it.

SecRoot makes use of the best wireless audit tools to conduct auditing and provide you with a report that would lead to complete security of your multiple wireless networks throughout the firm. Know more about this service by getting in touch with us through 91-7738269262 or send a mail to