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Ethical Hacking For Beginners


Ethical hacking as we all know is a practice conducted to test the security of the system rather than to attack it maliciously or with a criminal intent. Many companies face issues with their security wherein a hacker gets into their system and hacks away the information he needs or cause trouble. Ethical hackers exist, so that such problems don't happen. It is a skill almost every IT professional must be skillful at, which will definitely be of great value for them in solving problems concerning security.

If you are looking for ethical hacking training in Mumbai, you are at the right place. SecRoot is a place where you not only learn about ethical hacking, but get hands on experience with it. The ethical hacking course provided by SecRoot offers an objective analysis of the business's security. It is important to be aware of all the vulnerabilities that a system has and fix them as soon as possible. This is what the ethical hacking course makes you an expert in.

For ethical hacking companies and networking service providers, it is essential to have a group of highly trained people to perform at the best possible level. These experts shall then fine tune the company's security tools, make adjustments in their security policy and do much more with their skills. Once these professionals are trained by SecRoot, they can handle the system security of their firm quite efficiently.

This ethical hacking course is definitely recommended for security officers, network administrators, firewall administrators, auditors, security professionals and anyone who is interested in this domain of work. However, this course is also great for students who wish to make a career out of it. We provide the whole course with so much precision and detail that after finishing it, you would have already become an expert in this field.

There are very few hacking classes in Mumbai that teach to the level of dedication like we do. Our faculty comprises of people who are highly knowledgeable in this field and are experts in teaching them too. We are among the top ethical hacking institutes in Mumbai and would leave no stones unturned to make sure you learn all about ethical hacking in the shortest possible time.

Course Outline

Title Title
1. Introduction to hacking & Process 15. Website Security (SQL & XSS testing)
2. Network Basics, Operating systems and Databases 16. DDOS attacks, buffer and stack overflow
3. Concepts of TCP/IP and OSI model and process 17. ATM, Credit card and Debit card attacks & Security
4. Detail IP&MAC - spoofing & security 18. Live demonstration on dedicated server
5. Foot-printing/Information gathering 19. USB hacking technique / switch blades
6. Web search/Google hacking 20. Protocols vulnerabilities
7. Scanning & types 21. Email Hacking and security
8. Password cracking and system security 22. Virus, Trojans, worms, Ransomwares and security
9. Brief of Kali Linux & pentesting with Kali Linux 23. Reverse engineering
10. Social engineering attacks & security 24. Mobile E-hacking and security
11. Cryptography basics for the aspiring hacker 25. Wi-Fi Security
12. Steganography (audio, video,text and image) 26. Physical security threats
13. Firewalls, IDS/IPS and Honeypots 27. Understanding ISO 27001 standards
14. Owasp Top 10 28. Cyber laws in India
Each of the below module contains sub-topics, for complete details contact us.