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Web Application Security


Web applications are live, production level products that users interact with on a regular basis. No matter what kind of web application you have, there are bound to be users, either internal or external to the company. A whole lot of information is exchanged or displayed in these applications and at times, they can be private. You would certainly not want any outsider to exploit the application and seek confidential information to make malicious use out of it. To safeguard your web application from all of these and much more, you need a robust, state of the art web application security service that promises excellent protection from all kinds of cyber security threats.

How do we conduct Web Application Security?

Unlike other website security services in Mumbai, we take a different approach to the assessment of your application's security. SecRoot uses multiple techniques to ensure that your application is completely secure. Some of the popular techniques we use to identify potential threats in your web application include fault injection, black box testing, behaviour monitoring and much more. These tests are proven to detect any kind of vulnerabilities so that we can quickly solve them to provide you with a secure website.

We train your coders to use secure web development methods which allows your web application to be built in a secure manner from the ground up. Along with this, we implement strict security guidelines which are enacted by global security institutions so that your web application always maintains the highest security standards. The source code is everything that your web app is based upon. If it has a loophole, no prevention technique would work. Thus, we review your source code for all kinds of possible threats that can harm you.

Why you must choose SecRoot for Web Application Security?

Web Application security is a tricky path to tread as there are many factors included in actually securing the application. Since it is all online, the number of hacking attempts is considerably high. Also, the methods of hacking are evolving voraciously and you need a strong team of experts to look after it. At SecRoot, we have a professional team with rich experience to provide you with an ultimately secure web application. Along with web application security, we are also proficient in other services revolving around web applications which includes website security assessments, vulnerability assessment and penetration testing services, security training for your company employees and much more. So, by putting your trust into a single brand, you can avail all kinds of services under one roof.

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